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Manstress Diaries

FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Khai Allen is a young and dangerously impulsive therapist, who has a problem making rational decisions. He seems to have everything. Money, education, a promising career, sex, and a mildly dysfunctional family. However, he cannot seem to shake the feeling that something is missing.

Plagued with countless sleepless nights and recurring nightmares of an unknown origin, Khai turns to a life of meaningless hookups with strangers to help him cope. After falling for Terrence, a former escort and addict turned married man, Khai finds himself resorting to drastic measures to keep their toxic love affair alive.

"I mastered the art of suppression. It is my armor. Without it, I get irrational. I get reckless. Things get broken. People get hurt. Relationships go up in flames, and when the dust settles, I curl up in my closet in a fetal position with eyes full of tears and whisper to myself, look what you made me do!”


About the Author

Born Storyteller & Mariah Carey Stan

Darrell C. Scott is an American LGBTQ New Adult author, CEO of D.S. Emancipated Publishing, LLC, and proud owner of a spunky Jack Russell/Chihuahua, named Jake.

Following the launch of his independent publishing house, Darrell will release his debut novel, Manstress Diaries FEBRUARY 2020!


Recent Publications

Bayou Review

The Bayou Review is a literary magazine published by students of the University of Houston-Downtown. It includes poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and visual art.

Inspired by the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey, Darrell C. Scott’s compelling, “The New Normal” is featured in this special edition of The Bayou Review’s historic literary magazine. (Visit http://uhd.edu to purchase your copy)