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Author DARRELL C. Scott Jr.


Author Darrell C. Scott Jr.

"As a child, I always found myself conjuring up stories and distorting reality into my own fictional world. Becoming an author was the natural thing to do."

Darrell C. Scott Jr. is an American English major and writer out of Houston Texas.

He has been writing for as long as he can remember, having written his first book at age 12. It wasn’t until his freshmen year in college, that he realized that his love for writing could also be turned into a career. Coming from a family of healthcare/medical professionals, Darrell struggled to follow his passion for storytelling.

“Everyone is expected to go into the healthcare/medical field in my family. Being a writer is not a practical career choice in my family’s eyes.”

Per his parents wishes, Darrell spent his first few years of college pursing a nursing degree and attended nursing school for one year, before deciding to drop out and pursue his passion.

“I was miserable all of the time and often anxious, given the intensive nature of being responsible for another human being’s life! It just wasn’t for me. I spent most of my time conjuring up stories and wishing I could be writing rather than studying. I realized that I chose the practical route out of fear. Somewhere along the line, I decided not to let fear keep me from finding my happiness and did what was best for me.”

Following the launch of he independent publishing house, Darrell will release his debut novel, Manstress Diaries February, 2020!

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