Mariah Carey: Top 5 Songs For the Breakups

Mariah Carey once said...

"Someday ooh someday

The one you gave away will be the only one you're wishing for"


Happy Friday, Lambily! This week we are talking breakups! Mariah has a great selection of songs that will help you cope when bae is dragging you through the wringer!!

Mariah's music has gotten me through many failed relationships and nasty breakups. I wouldn't be doing my duty as a lamb by not sharing my recipe for "The Art of Letting Go" because we all know, "It ain't easy, baby."

I will mention my top 5 personal favorites for the breakups here, but the playlist includes 25 iconic records (in the order I think you should hear them) guaranteed to help you mend your broken heart. Stream my playlist, "For the Breakups" on Apple Music linked below.

#1 H.A.T.E.U