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The Ultimate Sex Playlist: Mariah Carey Edition

Mariah doesn't get enough credit for the diversity in her catalog. She has music for every mood, including the bedroom! If you're a sensual lover, then you need to have Mariah in your bedroom playlist. It's the appropriate thing to do.

Not everybody has hundreds of hours of Mariah Carey listening experience, so I created a playlist of my top picks to seduce your man. It's roughly an hour and 6-min long, strategically timed for about 30-minutes of foreplay and 30-minutes of action. Below, I'll only highlight a few of my favorites (not in the order that they are on the playlist). You can add my full "Mariah's Bedroom" playlist in its intended order to your library, or pick your favorites and on Apple Music and enjoy!

#1: Bliss

This song is otherworldly. It's has a classic smooth R&B sound that would normally characterize any good "slow jam" for the bedroom and Mariah hums like a bird, "My love goes

On and on and on and on and on" over the track in her signature whistle register.

Coincidentally, it's perfect for getting your man to slow stroke you to the beat. This song is best served after a blunt, a few splashes, and genuine love. One night stands are not worthy of "Bliss".

"What do I do, what do I say
Does it feel good, to you this way
I wanna be, all that you need
Boy what's your fantasy?"

It starts to hit hard for me when she sings those lines. By the time you get to this song on the playlist, your man may be nearing the finish. Imagine it, an orgasm that is simultaneous with Mariah hitting a high note quietly in the background! It'll be a mind-blowing moment you'll never forget. I can relate. Can you?

#2: The Impossible (The Reprise)

This is one of my favorite reprises ever. You'll notice The Impossible and The Impossible (Reprise) placed together on the playlist. And that's because it's necessary. These songs in secession are perfect for foreplay and light conversation when connecting with your partner. If you're like me, you make your man start with a massage and work his way to the main event.

The background vocals have a lullaby quality to them that is relaxing and perfect for enhancing the feeling of your man's strong hands over your skin, but the knocking from the bass is enough to remind you of a rocking headboard that doesn't allow you to fall asleep.

In the Reprise, Mariah takes advantage of the calming and romantic effects of The Impossible and hums and whispers occasionally over the track with angelic rifts and sensual lines here and there that help enhance the sense of euphoria that should be rushing through you at this point.

"Forever your lady
I love you, boy
'Cause this is ecstasy
And now I love ya like sunsets, bubble baths on the jet
The magic of this song will have you in la-la land during foreplay if your not careful."

You should be feeling the drinks and the blunt heavy by now. The anticipation should be rising, and both you should be on another level of focus and connection with each other.

#3 Subtle Invitation

I loved where this is placed in the playlist. It comes After Joy Ride, which is another sensual slow-jam. Subtle Invitation is a more up-tempo record with jazzy-inspired vocals are flirtatious and playful enough to perk you both up enough to remember you're both in the bedroom for a reason.

"And then my love will flow
Like the waves to the shore
You can fall into me
Once again effortlessly"

#4: Love Story

"Love Story" is a must have! If you and your man have been through hell and back and have finally made it to the bedroom for the sexual healing we all need, you need this song in your life.

It's the perfect vibe if you want to be caught up in the nostalgia and romance of your relationship while making love, and it has a smooth bed-rocking beat that is guaranteed to make sure you man finds the rhythm and takes advantage of it (if you're catching what I'm throwing)

#5: Underneath the Stars

I love Underneath the Stars is one of my favorite records of all-time! I love it towards the end of the playlist because it captures the energy of reminiscing about a night of passion perfectly.

"Weak in the knees wrapped in the warm, gentle breeze
I, so shy, a bundle of butterflies
Flushed with the heat of desire
On a natural high"

Lyrically, this song is top tier, comparable to the legendary "The Roof", which is also apart of the playlist. When it's all over, it's nice to hear this in the background as you lay there next to your man and enjoy the bliss induced by a fresh orgasm. I hope you check out the playlist and enjoy it. Again this playlist is best when shared with someone you actually care about.

Anyways, Thanks for reading! I hope all the lambs in the land are staying safe and enjoying Mariah's season to the fullest! If you liked this post and want to see more, please feel free to subscribe! It's FREE.

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See my previous post for more information about me, this blog, my book and also peep the complete list of chapters to whet your appetite, or check out the product page. Thanks for reading!

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Omg! Spot on! I like that you included The Impossible. Its a fave!

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